Matte Black Nails Art Designs Trending Right Now

Matte black nails match well with your preferred black leather jacket. However, this doesn’t mean that you are limited to wearing them with your black leather jacket. They can also be worn with almost everything.

Nevertheless, there are some things you should understand about wearing matte black nails; your matte black mani is as excellent as your matte black nail polish. Consequently, you can also use a matte topcoat, on top of your best matte black nails polish.


  1. Liquid Leather

The almond-shaped matte black nails are clean, well-polished and look like buttery smooth leather.

  1. Zebra Stripes

Go animalistic with a negative space black matte design that matches a majestic zebra.

  1. Tuxedo Tips

When you are grooming for a night out, make the nail tips pointed with angled, matte black points-finish the style with a bowtie-bedecked nail accent.


  1. Oil Slick Foils

This nail art proves beyond any reasonable doubt that matte black nails do not necessarily have to be black. You can have a multi-coloured foil added on top for an elegant look.

  1. Black and Gold Ombre

This matte ombre design attracts ever girl just the way a moth is drawn to a flame. And talking about flames, the gold at the tips are entirely a representation of a candle burning in the dark.

  1. Matte Black Peekaboo Nails

Nude nails styled with a pointing flare of matte black, reminiscent cat claws. The badass look shouts, “maximum respect.”


  1. Black and Blue

The defined contrast of subtle swipes of blue against matte black nails gives the shade pop. Also, the paisley style is whimsical and fun.

  1. Mod Colour blocking

Give matte nails an upgrade with fine vivid triangles that will shout for attention.

  1. Wet Look Designs

This duo-textured nail art is a combination of sleek, glossy black polish and black matte to give a beautiful finish.


  1. Tones of Textures

Some yellow paint and subtle divots ensure that this cute matte black nail rock a goddess look.

  1. Shades of Grey

Existing between the chevron decorations and an ombre shade scheme, the matte nail might be the most preferred mani ever.

  1. Copper Tips

Accentuate a metallic polish, like a copper colour with a matte black design for unanticipated rock on a french manicure.


  1. Textured Accents

A caviar-dipped statement enhances the dimension and texture of this black almond style.

  1. Diamonds in The Rough

Do you have feelings for festivity? This metallic-colored tip gives the party a standard matte black base.

  1. Silver Half Moons

A less complicated and subtle layer of silver at the nail base gives these matte black nails an elegant and an alluring look.

  1. Dizzying Design

Enthralling white rose highlights gives this matte black design a feminine look.